Singular Commitment to Client Excellence

Opus works resolutely on behalf of our clients, recognizing that we are effectively an extension of their team. Because we seek to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, we also seek to work with them in areas not typically covered by corporate finance advisory firms, including serving as a sounding board on financial, strategic and operational issues that our clients face from time to time.

We believe that our “shareholder” mindset and our collective experiences as advisors, operators and investors provide us with a unique perspective to advise clients on matters essential to their growth, sustainability and overall success. Our understanding of valuation and how it is applied to the assessment of internal strategic initiatives is a central component to all of our work. We utilize sophisticated valuation analyses to foster greater insight and decision-making clarity.

The “Opus” name represents our dedication to helping our clients, on a recurring basis, achieve superior results and long-term success.

o·pus (ō’pəs)

n,  pl.  o·pus·es or o·pe·ra  (ō’pər-ə, ŏp’ər-ə)

  1. a creative work or composition numbered to designate the order of a composer’s works;
  2. a single work, especially a literary or artistic masterpiece.