Capitalizing on Tax Incentives to Maximize Value

Opus Advisory Partners works with owners of standalone companies seeking a sale of all or a portion of their ownership to a newly created employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).  Our firm has experience in the planning, analysis, funding and full execution of ESOP buyouts, either singularly or as part of an overall multi-step liquidity process.

Compared to a traditional sale involving a strategic or financial buyer, the ESOP buyout may offer some compelling advantages, including reduced corporate and/or personal taxes, significant structuring flexibility, and employee ownership.  Our firm is involved in all of the aspects of the ESOP buyout process, including the following:

  • Pre-transaction planning and feasibility
  • Financial analysis, valuation and structuring
  • Preparation and management of external materials
  • Prospective lender screening and communications
  • Transaction documentation

Our ESOP whitepaper describes the transaction in more detail. Download it here.

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