Creatively Structuring Management Buyouts

Our firm advises CEOs and senior executives seeking to acquire a standalone company or line of business through a management buyout (MBO).  Management buyouts can provide notable benefits for both the buyer and seller, including speed to close, streamlined due diligence, deal structure flexibility, and enhanced equity ownership for senior management, among other factors.

Our senior professionals have significant experience in all aspects of the buyout process, including deal structuring and valuation, debt and equity capital formation, financial modeling, due diligence, growth strategy implementation, etc.  Our firm leverages its relationships with various debt and equity capital sources, accounting firms, legal counsel and other external advisors on each transaction. Our clients are able to take advantage of our knowledge and relationships, as well as our experience as principal investors evaluating buyout opportunities for our own portfolio.

Opus structures transactions in a way that maximizes the potential equity upside for senior management. In addition, our firm may co-invest alongside management to support the initial buyout transaction as well as future growth initiatives.

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