Enhancing Growth Strategies to Increase Shareholder Value

Added pressure is being placed on senior management teams to source, implement and refine new growth initiatives much more frequently and efficiently than ever before. But balancing full-time operational duties while developing new strategic directives can result in organizational challenges and inefficiencies. Opus Advisory Partners can help.

Opus works with clients to help identify, analyze and develop high-impact growth strategies–both organic and by acquisition.  Our firm is heavily involved with implementation, including the development of a detailed action plan with timelines, responsibilities and performance measurements. We only sponsor growth strategies that are collectively scrutinized and supported, and can be executed, by senior management.

Our fact-based approach utilizes market intelligence, qualitative client input, and detailed financial and valuation analyses that enhance results. Examples of selected areas we address in order to identify profitable growth opportunities include:

  • Can existing offerings be expanded through other complementary, high-margin products/services?
  • What are competitors’ growth strategies? What are customer reactions to competitor offerings?
  • Are offerings fully commensurate with customer preferences and demands?
  • Can current offerings be expanded to different customers or customer applications? How are pricing and margins affected?
  • Can other channels generate higher margins or provide greater growth opportunities? Are competitors utilizing the same channels?
  • What are the internal synergies (incremental profits) due to expansion?
  • Are there opportunities to expand the customer base or offerings through acquisition? Are there integration challenges?
  • Would an acquisition of a key supplier provide more product flexibility and greater profitability?  Could such an acquisition open up new markets?