Laying the Groundwork for a Future Exit

Exiting a line of business or an investment requires a significant amount of thoughtful and meticulous planning in order to attract strong interest and be positioned for maximizing value. We leverage our deep expertise as both a buyer and seller of businesses to properly prepare clients, across a spectrum of strategic, operational, financial and employee-related areas, for an impending transaction.

A subset of the key activities in which we focus include the following:


  • Analyzing and monitoring the trailing 12-month and future adjusted revenue and profitability
  • Analyzing potential revenue and expense synergies realized by potential acquirors
  • Reviewing and analyzing financial projections and related assumptions


  • Positioning our client in order to support a compelling investment thesis
  • Identifying and improving upon operational or strategic weaknesses
  • Enhancing valuation drivers and determining ways to mitigate risk factors

Due Diligence

  • Mitigating due diligence risks, including operational weaknesses or negative financial trends
  • Assessing and upgrading the financial recordkeeping and related financial and operational reports
  • Evaluating material agreements, employee agreements and other relevant materials that will be reviewed during due diligence
  • Planning for post-transaction management transitions, including the terms of a transition agreements, new employment agreements and anticipated changes in compensation


  • Analyzing the available transaction structures
  • Initiating tax planning strategies and developing preliminary financial models that analyze after-tax proceeds
  • Determining the types of prospective acquirors or investors likely to have interest
  • Determining the viability of an exit to more than one prospective acquiror and the likely revenue and expense implications
  • Assessing the impact of a smaller divestiture or wind-down of a line of business or division, on a pre- and post-transaction basis

Recognizing that no two companies or transactions are the same, we tailor our preparation and transaction approach in order to run a highly efficient transaction process that maximizes after-tax proceeds while minimizing surprises and business disruption.

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